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LiveJournal for we love cassie.

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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Posted by:saulot.
Time:6:15 am.

the Kaiser and the Sultan have come to demand allegiance and loyalty from you. come to the community and join or else you will burn in the thousand fires of hell.

the Kaiser Orders you:

"Kaiser, why do you play the accursed guitar"
"Know thy enemy that you may slay him"

MMMCollapse )
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Posted by:thejimman.
Time:7:32 pm.
Mood: amused.
hoooray for cassie cass cass casserole!!

i love cassie!!!
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Posted by:lmmnews.
Time:3:40 pm.
EVERYBODY!! GO TO THE LITTLE MEOW MEOW WEBSITE!! Click on the "Ultimate Masterpiece" (in the Visual Section) and create your OWN version of the new Little Meow Meow piece of artwork! Then, once you are finished, submit it to: littlemeowmeow@littlemeowmeow.cjb.net.

The winner will receive an autographed copy of the ultra-rare Meowmified single. Please tell everyone you know about this contest. We won't start looking at the entries until we get a lot of them, so tell everyone you know!
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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

Posted by:nsyncsucksalot.
Time:9:58 pm.
sure do
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Sunday, May 12th, 2002

Posted by:hivalisious.
Time:5:44 am.
Mood: depressed.
I'm missing her entries..

1 week??sheesh.
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Saturday, May 11th, 2002

Posted by:synthetictears.
Time:1:00 pm.
Mood: cold.
i miss cassie *tear*

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Sunday, April 21st, 2002

Subject:I love these convos ;D
Posted by:hivalisious.
Time:1:43 am.
Mood: giggly.
CherriE DolliE: i sware everyone keeps posting about weed
CherriE DolliE: wannabes
CherriE DolliE: oooo 4/20 DAARRRRRRR
CherriE DolliE: same thing with september 9th,1999.GOT ON MY NERVES!
CherriE DolliE: dumb early 6th graders.
CherriE DolliE: -.-
MSI IS GAY: september 9 1999?
CherriE DolliE: 9/9/99
CherriE DolliE: haha
MSI IS GAY: AHAHAHA BIG DEAL. *middle finger*
CherriE DolliE: indeed.
MSI IS GAY: people are so gay
CherriE DolliE: and everyone was saying it in a cheerful voice,"its 9.9.99!!!!!"
CherriE DolliE: -,-
CherriE DolliE: ow i hit my head on the computer leaning foward to laugh >_<
MSI IS GAY: say that and then smile really big
MSI IS GAY: AHAHA silly you
CherriE DolliE: LOL


CherriE DolliE: i think I should use those trendy mood icons for my journal o_O
CherriE DolliE: lol.
MSI IS GAY: what ones?
CherriE DolliE: those extremly small faces.I'm thinking about using them since they are simple and I just changed my layout.
MSI IS GAY: i think i have those
CherriE DolliE: they are simple yet something special
CherriE DolliE: so...i might use it
MSI IS GAY: simple yet special
CherriE DolliE: HAHAH


CherriE DolliE: you know what annoys me more?about 4.20?
CherriE DolliE: its hitlers b-day.oh yes,very joyful day
CherriE DolliE: :-P
MSI IS GAY: is it really?
CherriE DolliE: I believe so.
MSI IS GAY: well.
MSI IS GAY: that's odd
CherriE DolliE: heh
MSI IS GAY: eek.
MSI IS GAY: my msn name :-)
CherriE DolliE: LOL!!!!!!!!!!
CherriE DolliE: at first i thought you were 'i want my marijuna and sex' but then i saw yours hahaha
MSI IS GAY: tee hee hee :-)
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Sunday, April 14th, 2002

Posted by:synthetictears.
Time:10:28 pm.
lalala *humps cassie* -rawr- lalala

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Saturday, April 13th, 2002

Posted by:alephomega.
Time:9:52 am.
What the fuck is your name, motherfucker!?

Long rod...
Fuck frank...
Stiff peter - stiff, stiff peter

I'm gonna let you guys in on a private personal part of my life, and ladies listen up... I may just save your relationship.

They took a dick from California, transplant that motherfucker to Washington D.C. and dick-fucked the nation!

...And my greatest thrill is to bust my nuts in a bitches mouth!

That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty
That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty

Dick almighty's of no suprise,
It'll fuck all the bitches all shapes and size
She'll climb a mile, even run the block
Just to kiss the head of this big black cock
It'll tear the pussy open, causing satisfaction
The bitch won't leave it's fatal attraction
Dick so powerful, she'll kneel and pray
Awaiting her time, hoping soon to slay
That dick...
Will make a bitch cry, when fucking a bitch that's tight inside
That dick...
Has got a spell on you, once it gets inside you'll act the fool
That dick...
Will make a bitch act cute, suck my dick bitch and make it puke
Jump up on it, grab it like you want it
If you could wear a dick bitch - you would flaunt it

That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty
That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty

Bitches are the one thinking dicks get soft,
They fuck one time and then got off
Thinking it's slick just to ride the dick,
Till make a nigga cum and then he'll quit
But not the long one, I won't play that shit
Put her ass in the buck and kill the clit
It's fifteen inches long, eight inches thick,
Last name: Almighty, first name is Dick
That dick...
Is a motherfucker; I can't be pussy whipped by a dicksucker
That dick...
Would drive a bitch crazy, bitches wanna fuck when you're tired and lazy
That dick...
Sometimes cost you money, don't be blamed for a child that's not yours, dummy
That dick...
Is a greedy bitches dinner, I let a bitch feed before I go up in her

That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty
That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty

Bitches go crazy after all night fucks
Startin' from the back then do the buck
Since a good dick is hard to find,
I'll kill their pussy then fuck your mind
Bitches like the dick, just claim defeat
Forget the salad, just eat my meat
They pay big dollars, cause it don't come free,
To spend time with the dick - the almighty
That dick...
Will make you cheat on your man, make you so freaky and hot in the ass
That dick...
Will make you hurt yourself, when you don't have dick you'll finger fuck yourself
That dick...
Is an awful thing, but you bull-dagger bitches are fucking up the game,
Rubbing belly to belly and skin to skin,
Fuckin' like hell, but ain't no dick going in

That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty
That dick almighty al-almighty almighty al-almighty

That woman is about to grab my private personal parts
I want her to graaaaaab my private personal parts
Graaaaaab my private personal parts

This record is dedicated to all you gals who don't appreciate us men enough... A hard man is good to find.
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Friday, April 12th, 2002

Posted by:alephomega.
Time:12:28 am.
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Thursday, April 11th, 2002

Posted by:alephomega.
Time:10:42 am.
Don't worry, I'm here... Now let's get this party started with some 2 Live Crew!

Can a bitch do a table dance?
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Hell no!!
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Get out my face, ho!

I don't give my riches to the bitches!
Shake-dancin' ain't nothin' but trickin'
Ten dollars, too much to give 'em
I done had my two-drink minimum
I watch from a distance so I can see,
Now Charles kickin' me out the VIP?
Bitches callin' me cheap
While they trick as they dancin' in minks
Ho, you must be crazy
I know it's your job, but I ain't trickin' miss daisy
I want a quick feel, a cheap thrill -
But I ain't payin' no pussy bills!
If you got mouths to feed,
Bitch, you better recognize a dick in need
'Cause I'm a 3-piece nigga, bitch, I don't play
I want the pussy, a place to stay, but I don't pay!

Uhh!! Uhh!! Now throw that pussy!!


Booty clubs where niggas go
Spendin' flow for stripper hos
And table-tops cost five dollars
If the ho ain't cute, don't even bother
Bitch, come clean from beginnin'
Drop them strings and skin to win
She gotta show pink to get paid
And I don't want a ho who's always afraid
I'll flip that ho like a script
'Cause for all that flow, niggas might trip
'Cause pussy's a man's best friend
And she gotta keep shakin' 'till the record ends
'Cause I like them stripper hos
The ones from Rolexx and Coco's
So come on, make ya pussy pop
And I keep on gettin' them table-tops!

C'mon, girl, now, show me a shot now...
Uhh!! Uhh!! Now throw that pussy!!


Serve me out your best dick-sucker
Much money as I'ma spend in this motherfucker?
You holler "No cash, no ass!"
Well then bitch, I pass!
'Cause I ain't givin' up no cash!
Hell naw!
Not to see YO' funky ass!
You wanna dance?
Don't sweat it!
If I fuck for free, then you can dance on credit
Trick-ass niggas just spoil 'em
Payin' 'em more than the club that employs 'em
Checkin' that booty movin'
To me it's just a form of prostitution
Niggas be wreckin' theyself,
Thinkin' they got that bitch to theyself?
Well I sit back and relax
But tell bitches with babies
they need to work for food stamps
You can pop that pussy tax-free,
But you won't get shit from me!
Uhh!! Uhh!! Now throw that pussy!!


I'm lookin' for a crib for the weekend
I ain't got no ends, but I wanna see the skins
I want mine for the low price
I heard bitches dance free on amateur night!
Shakin' what they mama fuck fo'
When your mama was a ho, did she get dough?
Don't ask me for a dance; I don't need one
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one
I'm freakin' on like the next man
When you take this cash, I'm lookin' up yo' ass!
Pussy pay the bills, dick pay the rent!
All I got is a thanks and a compliment
Usin' it like a weapon
Bitches gettin' paid for sex and affection
Fuck you and your conversation!
I ain't makin' no fuckin' donations!
Uhh!! Uhh!! Now throw that pussy!!


All you hos get on DOWN!!

Hop wid it!!
Hey! Take it to the ground!
Hop wid it!
Get on down!

Can a bitch do a table dance?
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Hell no!!
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Can a bitch do a table dance?
Get out my face, ho!
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Posted by:hivalisious.
Time:12:25 am.
Mood: bitchy.
awwww...I'm gonna put this in my profile to promote it.
only 5 members C'MON!!!!
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Saturday, April 6th, 2002

Posted by:ohbutitsshiny.
Time:9:50 am.
i love cassie more than all of you! bahaha!
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Friday, April 5th, 2002

Posted by:hivalisious.
Time:9:49 pm.
Mood: silly.
the colors are so pretty I can't wait to see what the
background is \m/!
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Posted by:synthetictears.
Time:8:09 pm.
i <3<3<3<3<3 cassie!!!!
she's oh so vewy *hump-a-licious*
everyone *worship cassie*

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LiveJournal for we love cassie.

View:User Info.
View:Website (she owns).
You're looking at the latest 15 entries.